WE'LL DO IT TOGETHER - The sequel to 'So Alone.' A successful, dedicated New York City, data processing executive fights to suppress his traumatic Vietnam War memories that are surfacing due to the Desert Storm War. Faced with a very egotistical and non-supportive spouse, he finds himself caught in the downsizing of his corporation. Flashbacks of living in a peasant-farming village, along with the loss of his job, home, family and self-esteem cause him to have a complete breakdown. Once a fellow veteran befriends him, he finally admits to his problems and seeks help.
CARRIE'S TREASURE - Against her computer whiz and nerdy, twelve year old brother's wishes, a nine year old 'Tomboy' tries to bring their stubborn, divorced parents back together. When their mother moves them into a handyman special and haunted Victorian house on the border of a large Virginia state park, Carrie finds friends in two ghosts brothers who vow to help her. The problem is the two ghost brothers do not get along with each other since they still hold grudges from when they were alive. One brother served for the North and the other brother served for the South during the American Civil War.
THE SPIRIT LIVES ON - In the hilly farm land of northwestern New Jersey, forty-five miles commuting distance from New York City, lies the historical, small town of Sussex-boro. Lying on the town's outskirts, the Decker Farm, in continuous operation under the same family since 1732, is Buddy Ander's ideal location for fifty, townhouses for NYC commuters. The farm is also where small groups of Indian families from the Lenni-Lenape (Delaware) tribe had lived and farmed for hundreds of years prior to the first Decker settlers. Faced with the fact that for the first time in centuries a corn crop would not be harvested, the frail, arthritis plagued 76 year old, Carl Decker has limited options. At the frustration of the ruthless, community leader/ businessman, Buddy Ander and with the help of a mysterious, legendary wolf (Totem of the Lenni-Lenape) three diverse, fourteen year old friends plant the crop. Buddy Ander, who is also the three teenagers' baseball coach, is even more determined to stop the corn crop sale to help force Carl Decker off the land. The spirits of God, the wolf, the family, the land, the community and friendship run throughout the script. In the end, the nerdy teenage main character wins the girl.
DADDY'S GONE - A story of how a severely abused child grows up to be a serial killer of women, who have a history of abusing children. Working as a Computer Information Specialist in New York City Social Agencies, he is able to find his victims, who happen to look like his own mother. Two detectives (an African-American and an Irishman) connect him to similar cases in Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston and Miami.
HARD DRIVE - A dedicated, controversial, female New York City detective tries to infiltrate two warring New York City drug organizations before they each bring in competing South American drug cartel's terrorist groups.
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