I am thankful for this day. I am thankful for good health.
Today I will go through the day inwardly relaxed and Outwardly alert.
I will pay more attention to the things outside of me
And less attention to the things inside me.
I will enjoy my food, the weather, my work,
And the people around me.
I believe I will be given the strength to meet
Whatever problems come to me.
I will do my tasks one at a time,
And not try to cross all my bridges at once.

- favorite saying of Sharon Ann Lane
On June 8, 1969, 1LT SHARON ANN LANE, Army Nurse Corps, was killed on duty in the Vietnamese Ward 4 of the 312th Evacuation Hospital, Chu Lai, Republic of Vietnam, during an incoming mortar attack. The name of Sharon Ann Lane is engraved on the black granite panel 23 W, line 112 of the VIETNAM VETERANS MEMORIAL, THE WALL, in Washington, D.C., among the more than 58,000 Americans who perished in the Vietnam War. The Sharon Ann Lane Foundation will honor her memory among the people of Vietnam by erecting a Medical Clinic near the site of her service. THE SHARON ANN LANE FOUNDATION CLINIC will become a testament to Sharon's Nursing dedication to American soldiers, Vietnamese civilians, and soldiers of South and North Vietnam. Sharon treated all of her patients with kindness, compassion, dignity, respect and humanity whether American, Vietnamese civilians, soldiers of South or North Vietnam (NVA), Viet Cong (VC) or Prisoners of War (POW).

This SHARON ANN LANE FOUNDATION CLIINIC will celebrate and continue that legacy through a contribution to improving the quality of life of the Vietnamese people, offer excellent primary health care and education regarding Sharon's service to their welfare. The Sharon Ann Lane Foundation envisions this Clinic as a Bridge of Friendship between two former enemies hopefully providing returning Vietnam Veterans, visiting Americans, Vietnamese and all who enter healing, understanding and a deep appreciation for this extraordinary young American.

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