Boys' Towns of Italy Salute America
On Texas Square, President Lydon Johnson feels at home in the Boystown of Rome
Edward G. Robinson "Honorary Citizen"
Humphey Bogart & Lauren Bacall
Joe DiMaggio gives a first lesson to the young citizens of Boys' Towns of Rome.
Frank Sinatra in Rome Concert sings with Citizens of Boys' Town and Girls' TownNote: no space for the text!
"All of you can take great pride in the Bov's Towns of Italy. For more than four decades, your fine organization has provided underprivileged children with shelter, medical care, education and - most important - Love. Generous and caring, each of you serves as a wonderful role model for young people." President George Bush

"Your organization can be proud of your great accomplishments during the last forty-four years. Through vour deep compassion, many children have found open arms of love and affection, and more importantly a safe home. These children can now follow their dreams and therefore enrich all mankind. Almighty God must surely be pleased as you ministerto His Children. " President Ronald Reagan

"As we lay the cornerstone of America's Third Century, I am most happy to commend the Boys' Towns of Italy, Inc. on their special Bicentennial Program, designed its help continue a significant contribution to young people throughout the world. Efforts such as this are helping to make our great national celebration a memorable and meaningful one for all." President Gerald Ford

"Your devotion, concern and commitment are a source of inspiration, and your success a pillar of strength to all of us as we seek in this new decade to find better solutions to meeting the social needs of our citizens and to improving the quality of our lives. You have my verv best wishes for your future programs, and my hope ikit society may continue to benefit from your worthwhile work." President Richard M. Nixon

"From its modest beginning this movement has, in a relatively short time, become a truly realized ideal and a model for those in the world who would endow a coming generation with hope and courage. " President John F Kennedy

"For many years I have taken pride in the knowledge of America's generosity in helping support the Boys' Towns of Italy. The success of the Boys' Towns enterprise is a Tribute to the great heart of the American People. "
President Dwight D. Eisenhower

"I cannot think of a more practical philanthropy nor one that breathes more deeply the spirit of true Christian brotherhood than this work. " President Harry S. Truman
Press here to continue to the beginnings of Boystown of Italy.
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