"A Mis-Communication Between Two Marines"

During World War II, on a South Pacific Island, a major battle was going on between the Japanese and the United States Marines. At the time, the Marines were using Navaho Indians for communication proposes. These Code-Talkers, as they were nicknamed, were already well-known for their bravery, skills and patriotism.

The battle was very intense and many of the Marines were getting separated from their units.
A young Marine spotted a Navaho Indian in a nearby bomb crater and jumped into the crater with him. The Marine was desperate to get back to his own unit to help his buddies in the intense battle. He yelled to the Navaho Indian. “What Marine Unit are you attached to?” The Indian stared at him with open eyes, but said nothing because he didn't speak any English.

With the enemy fire growing heavier, the young Marine became even more desperate to help his buddies.
It was easy for the Navaho Indian to see the total desperation in the Marine's face, so he was doing his best to understand him. After screaming the same sentence over and over again, the Marine finally realized that the Navaho didn't speak English.
The eastern city boy thought deeply and got an idea that all Indians know sign language.

To the Code-Talkers amazement, the young Marine rolled up his sleeve and waved all his fingers up and down before him. "Are you attached to Para-troops? Are you attached to the Para-troops?" The Marine shook the Indian for an answer. The brave, American Indian's eyes were open wide. He was wondering where the Marine was going with his message.

Meanwhile, the bullets and bombs around the bomb crater were getting more intense.
Shouting even louder, the Marine walked two fingers up and down his arm, "Are you attached to the infantry? Are you attached to the infantry." The Navaho Indian pulled away and the Marine was a little confused. But he was even more determined to get his questions across. His buddies needed him.
The Marine screamed even louder as he turned his arm and moved it forward and back and repeated the action again and again. "Are you attached to the artillery? Are you attached to the artillery?"

With this the Navaho Indian crawled back away from the Marine. The Marine realized he was finally getting across to the Indian, but he was confused about his reactions. All the Marine could think about was his friends being alone in the battle, so he tried again. He rolled his fingers into circles and placed them against his eyes and screamed, "Are you with the field observers? Are you with the field observers?"

With this, the Code-Talker pulls his rifle on the shocked Marine. Suddenly, the Indian lets out a terrified scream. Still screaming, he jumps out of the crater and runs through the battle as bullets, bombs and mortar rounds torn the earth around him.
After about a hundred yards, the Navaho finds another Navaho, who is fighting for his life and jumps into his foxhole. The second Navaho smacks his face to try to calm him down. Speaking in Navaho, the Indian asks him, "What are you, crazy running through this battle like a madman? You could have been killed!!"

Barely catching his breath, the first Navaho eyes are bulging in terror. "You think I'm crazy. You think I’m a madman. You should have heard what a Marine just told me."
Dumfounded, the second Navaho demands, "Tell me what the Marine said that caused you to act like such a crazy, madman."
The Indian rolled up his sleeve and waved all his fingers up and down before him. "Marine said, when the sun goes down." The Indian then walks his two fingers up and down his arm like the Marine had done. "And everyone goes home." At this point, the Indian turned his arm and moved it forward and back, and repeated the action again and again. "I'm going to make love with you."

Quickly, the Navaho rolled his fingers into circles and placed them against his eyes. "Until your eyes bulge out."
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