For All Couch-Criminologists
For All Couch-Criminologists
New Jersey Supreme Court Cover-up
Honorably discharged NJ vet mocked in NJ Supreme Court documents for having PTSD
Superior Court Transcript Mysteriously Goes Missing Before It Could Be Typed By Court Clerk
News Article on Vietnam Vet Jack Cunningham and his U.S. Marine Buddy
Learn the below story about Jack Cunningham's battle with the State of New Jersey.  See if you agree, if there was a "Theft of his constitutional rights and due process under the law, by deception."
Only two weeks after being accused of malfeasance, perjury and insulting an honorably discharged, combat wounded Vietnam veteran for his PTSD disability, a New Jersey Supreme Court Officer resigned, 15 months before his term was to expire.
Months after he resigned, the Supreme Court of New Jersey clears their Officer of all attorney ethics charges.
Against this same New Jersey Supreme Court Officer, a Superior Court civil (Legal Malpractice) transcript mysteriously goes missing...    (The missing court transcript contained the words of a Superior Court judge stating damages against this state officer and his law firm.)
With the transcript missing, a higher Civil case against this Supreme Court official and his law firm, is dropped for lack of merit.
Seven years later, the New Jersey Superior Court admits that the transcript is still missing, but says nothing can be done about the missing court transcript.
Why this New Jersey Supreme Court Officer resigned, 15 months before his term was to expire, is still unknown.
His resigning was not a crime...
The State of New Jersey says there is, and never was, a state cover-up.
What do you think?  Is New Jersey State still trying to cover-up their over-all malfeasance?
The below picture is webmaster Jack Cunningham in Vietnam 1970.
This coming December, Jack's battle with the State of New Jersey has been going on ten (10) years
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After learning the story, please pass the word about it on and off of the internet.    For years now, this disabled Vietnam veteran has been trying to get his Congressman Scott Garrett to call for a federal investigation.   The congressman's staff repeatedly claims that they do not understand the veteran's charges... 

After reading through this webpage evidence, please call Republican Congressman Scott Garrett's office (973) 300-2000 and tell him your opinion on this issue.  When one person is denied justice, it impacts the whole nation.