John Kerry Invited To Help In The 25th Vietnam Wall Anniversary Preparation
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"How do you ask a man to be the last man to die for a mistake?"
John Kerry Invited To Help In The 25th Vietnam Wall Anniversary Preparation
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Please turn on your computer's speakers and press your "Refresh" key to hear John Kerry admit to war crimes.  If you would like to hear it again, please  press your "Refresh" key.

"Sen. Kerry may be in attendance with other Members of Congress, but he is not part of the opening ceremony or in any other official capacity."    From: "John Rowan" <>    VVA National President
I received one of those John Kerry letters myself and I'm not one of his supporters.   (It turned my stomach immediately.)   When I recieved his letter, The Wall was recently defaced and I thought the timing of his letter was more political than anything else.   Since I was doing a lot of pushing on the internet myself for the November 10th Wall Anniversary events and parade, I didn't jump the gun and waited for more details about his involvement.   (I didn't believe that the members of VVA would ask for his help or ask for him to attend.)   My distaste for John Kerry is personal. 
I arrived home from Vietnam in February 1971.   One of my neighborhood friends, who I went to grammar school with, asked me how many babies did I have to kill, while living and serving in a Vietnamese peasant village.   This friend was not trying to be political in anyway, and he wasn't trying to be funny.  He just heard it in the news from John Kerry (And his supporters) and thought all Vietnam Vets had to kill babies.
That same weekend, I wore my Marine uniform for the first time wearing my ribbons (Including a Purple Heart).   When I got on a New York City bus, the driver told me that I could get on the bus for free, if I promised to sit in the back of his bus.   He told me he was not political, but he just didn't want any trouble on his bus.  (It was the first and last time that I wore my Marine uniform.  At the time, military officers were telling their troops not to wear their uniforms in public, because of what was going on in the American News Media.)
      Soon after my return from Vietnam, the village that I lived and served (24/7) in  was massacred and burned to ashes by Vietnamese communists.  Since the massacre was not mentioned much in the American News Media (ABC, NBC and CBS mentioned it twice), I didn't hear about the massacre of the Duc Duc Refugee Village until months later, when a fellow Marine told me about it. 
      However, John Kerry and his supporters were still in the American News Media telling the WORLD that America's military was nothing more than cutthroats and village-burners "in fashion reminiscent of Genghis Khan."   (Whether he did it intentional or not, John Kerry's lies helped cover-up the massacre of the Duc Duc refugee village.  To this day, few Americans know of the Duc Duc massacre.)
I strongly feel that building The Wall in Washington DC was the greatest thing that happened to Vietnam Veterans.   It was non-political, even in its design.   The thought of John Kerry attending the Anniversary as a Member or Congress, a Vietnam Veteran or a private citizen disgraces every honorable man and woman who served in Vietnam.
I'm just one Vietnam Veteran, and I would not tell other Vietnam Veterans not to march if John Kerry was there at The Wall on November 10th.  I just won't be there on that date.   I'll show my respects to The Wall, on November 11th.
If John Kerry was as much of a supporter of Vietnam Veterans as he makes himself out to be, he would announce that he will not attend these honorable events on November 10, 2007.   Back in 1970 -71, John Kerry disgraced America's military, when he returned from Vietnam;  and he continues to try and disgrace America's military today.  
    John Kerry was a traitor back in the early 1970s and he still is.
     Jack Cunningham
Always was and still is a Proud Vietnam Veteran
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From: "John Rowan" <>
To: "John "Jack" Cunningham" <>
Sent: Thursday, September 27, 2007 12:24 PM

Dear Jack, Sen. Kerry may be in attendance with other Members of Congress, but he is not part of the opening ceremony or in any other official capacity. The Senator did send an e-mail to his veteran supporters telling them about the parade. This is similar to some assistance we received from Sen. Hagel. We are hoping others will do the same. Thanks, John
John Rowan, President
Vietnam Veterans of America
You do not have to ask.   Please pass the information far and wide.   Please ask them to pass the information on and off the internet too.   John Kerry does not represent America's  proud and honorable Vietnam Veterans.
I was going to march in the parade.  Now, I won't even go to Washington DC that day.   John Kerry disgraced the men and women listed on The Wall.  Why Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) would allow John Kerry to be involved in this 25th Anniversary of The Wall has me a little confused.
     I hope the members raise their voices to their National Officers.
National VVA - 1-301-585-4000 Phone
John Rowan - National President
Jack Devine - National Vice President
  Jack Cunningham    
As John Kerry was going around telling his story to the World of America's military being village-burners and baby-killers, my refugee village of Duc Duc was massacred by Vietnamese terrorists.   Hundreds of innocent Vietnamese men, women and children were killed, wounded and reported missing.  Two thousand (2,000) homes were burned to ashes.
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Subject: RE: John Kerry Invited To Help In The 25th Vietnam Wall Anniversary Preparation

Hi John,


May I share your email with others on the Vietnam Vote Network. 


Vote  Freedom  For  The  People  Of  Vietnam




(It's not about what John Kerry did while serving in Vietnam.   It's about what Kerry said, and did after.)

 "How do you ask a man to be the last man to die for a mistake?"

John Kerry  April 22, 1971

-   At the time of his statements before the United States Congress, television news reporters and cameras, and Vietnamese Communist Negotiators in Paris, France, John Kerry was still in the United States Navy.

Learn the details at the next link.  Please turn on your computer's speakers.

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 Vietnam Veterans of America have invited the turncoat, traitor, John Kerry to be involved in the 25th Vietnam Wall Anniversary preparation...  

It appears VVA leadership was part of Kerry's Vietnam Veterans Against the War movement....the group that trashed, lied, distorted, and deceived the America.....I've lost my respect for the VVA leadership......the VVA membership is not the problem...but they will be if they don't call their leaders, John Rowan and Jack Devine to resign and retract any invitation to John Kerry for any part in the Vietnam Memorial Anniversary.... 

National VVA - 1-301-585-4000 Phone
John Rowan - National President
Jack Devine - National Vice President

 Harry Riley, COL, USA, Ret 

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Sent: Wednesday, September 26, 2007 11:57 AM

Subject: Whom do you trust, or former POWs? 

WASHINGTON, D.C. — "American pilots do not conduct air-raids on villages, killing civilians, nor are our troops cold-blooded murderers or terrorists," said retired Air Force Col. George "Bud" Day, America’s most decorated living veteran and former POW. "But, if you believe some current members of Congress who have accused our men and women in uniform of all that and worse, you would have to conclude our military is a barbarian horde, just as John Kerry had previously said."

"It was a lie then, and it’s an even bigger lie today," Day continued. "The truth is that some in the U.S. Congress and their mouthpieces in the media now represent a much bigger threat to the lives of our men and women in combat, and our national security, than any foreign enemy."

Among his many decorations from World War II, Korea and Vietnam, Col. Day is a Medal of Honor recipient and a combat pilot held captive for more than five years in the infamous Hanoi Hilton prison. He is also the Chairman of the Vietnam Veterans Legacy Foundation (VVLF) which has been embroiled in litigation with Kerry campaign aides since Kerry’s failed Presidential bid. Those lawsuits were recently withdrawn, and the VVLF is now able to reveal the results of its research and investigation efforts. But the VVLF needs your help.

"We were forced to spend over $1 million to defend ourselves in these frivolous lawsuits. In fact we still owe over $250,000 in legal bills. We paid the price of freedom 35 years ago to protect the basic liberties of all Americans, and now we’re paying all over again, to protect our own freedom of speech," said Col. Day, a practicing Florida attorney.

"Unfortunately, as former Prisoners of War, we do not have the money that has. Nor do we have the ability to obtain special discounts from the New York Times to run full page ads. That is where you can help."

Col. Day and several other POWs, including the wife of a POW, were sued numerous times by Kerry campaign associates after they participated in a 2004 documentary, "Stolen Honor: Wounds that Never Heal." In that film, Day and other POWs detailed the direct impact Kerry and his fellow anti-war activists, including many U.S. Senators, had on their survival in captivity and even the eventual loss of the Vietnam War.

The producer of "Stolen Honor," Pulitzer Prize-winner and Marine combat veteran, Carlton Sherwood, was also sued in a vain effort by the Kerry Campaign to prevent the documentary from being broadcast or even shown in theaters. It was eventually released in the closing days of the 2004 campaign, primarily on Northern Ohio cable outlets where, according to most post-election news analysts, Sen. Kerry lost his presidential bid.

"Our brave soldiers were and continue to be sold out today by many of those same people, abetted by a new crop of politicians and journalists," Col Day said. "They may say they ’support the troops,’ but they have nothing but contempt for those serving in the military. The reality is many in Congress and the media are hoping for, and invested in, America’s defeat in the Global War on Terrorism just as they forced America’s defeat in Vietnam, years after the last U.S. military combat units were withdrawn."

Col. Day continued:

"The problem is that it was all a lie, staged theatrics, choreographed by the Communists and spoon fed to the American public by unconscionable, ambitious politicians and the press. We now have the hard evidence to prove that. We have obtained documents, records, eyewitness accounts, even the CONFESSIONS of those who originally made those despicable accusations and have now recanted ever witnessing an atrocity, much less committing one. The facts are incontrovertible and compelling."

"Our findings prove the accusations made against our military in Vietnam were pure enemy propaganda used by American turncoats to advance their political ambitions and agendas, all trumpeted, by an unquestioning, complicit media," Day said. "Today, other phonies have taken their place, people like Jesse MacBeth and Scott Thomas Beauchamp, whose slanderous accusations against our men and women in Iraq made world-wide headlines even though those reports were baseless, the accusers frauds. Then, as now, the media has been all too eager to hand the microphone over to anyone who wishes to defame America’s soldiers, whether it’s an ambitious politician or a wannabe who never spent a day in uniform, much less a combat zone.

Col. Day said his VVLF organization plans to release its findings once they secure funding to do so.

"This is not over," said Day. "Now we are able to reveal the results of the research and documentation that we acquired. This material will reclaim once and for all the good name and good reputation of a generation of servicemen. It will help make sure that the brave men and women fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan don’t have to go through what we did."

Armed with these testimonies and documented research, the VVLF plans to demonstrate to the American public the truth about those who accused our troops of atrocities and war crimes and those who promoted those falsehoods. The former POWs also intend to show the motives of those responsible and the media propaganda that lead to an entirely false history of Vietnam, just as the press is doing today in Iraq. That is where we need your support.

To present our findings to the American Public, the VVLF needs your help. It is critical that we reveal the truth before Congress repeats the mistake it made over 30 years ago.

Please forward this message to everyone you know who could assist us.

This request for support is not addressed or available to legal residents of Mississippi.



John Forbes Kerry Timeline



Please turn on your computer's speakers and press your "Refresh" key to hear John Kerry admit to war crimes.  If you would like to hear it again, please  press your "Refresh" key.
HOLLYWOOD  VIETNAM  WAR  NEWS:  Oliver Stone recruits Bruce Willis for My Lai massacre film
The Vietnam Veterans Legacy Foundation can be contacted by emailing or by mail at:
Vietnam Veterans Legacy Foundation
P.O. Box 95000-1655
Philadelphia, PA 19195-1655

Absolutely True Story About Senator John Kerry
 Words of Captain Donald L. Nelson, JAG corps USN ret:    I was on active duty as a U.S. Navy JAG, when all of this was going on 25 to 30 years ago, and so was Mark F. Sullivan, who at all relevant times was the personal JAG to J. William Middendorf, then the Secretary of the Navy.

We are trying to break this absolutely true story nationwide, i.e., Fox News, C-Span, and hopefully the major networks.   We are positive that John Kerry was one of those dishonorably dismissed from the Navy for collaborating with the Viet Cong after he was released from active duty, but still in the Navy and for a totally unauthorized trip to Paris.  John Kerry later got an "honorable" separation in 1978, some 12 years after joining the Navy, under President Carter's "Amnesty Program" for draft dodgers,  and other malcontents, who fled to Canada and Holland, among other places, to avoid military service to our country.

This is why John Kerry has refused, and continues to refuse, to release all of his Navy records: they reflect that he was Dishonorably Dismissed from the United States Naval Service.  If they do not (which they do) he would have released them to the public.  Again, he has not done so, because he well knows that the truth would kill his challenge to President Bush.   If you would like to talk with me, I may be reached at telephone number (925) 964-0943 in Danville, California, or at  .   Contact information for CAPT Sullivan is below.


Mark F. Sullivan Sullivan Taketa LLP 31351 Via Colinas, Suite 205 Westlake Village, CA 91362-4576 Tel. (818) 889-2299


"How do you ask a man to be the last man to die for a mistake?"
John Kerry  April 22, 1971
-   At the time of his statements before the United States Congress, television news reporters and cameras, and Vietnamese Communist Negotiators in Paris, France, John Kerry was still in the United States Navy.
Learn the details at:


John Kerry destroyed the morale of many troops in the field during the Vietnam War, and he is doing it again.
(You can post some comments at the site)
Please Pass The Word About Our Petition.   John Kerry is not going away on his own.  He'll be in Congress condemning and belittling our troops for years to come.   Unless we do something about it...


                  Jack, 19          George, 18 


     Webmaster Jack Cunningham (Sussex, NJ) and George Dros (Cooperstown, NY) are sitting at a table in a Duc Duc Refugee Village peasant hut, near the village's market place.   The two, young United States Marines are members of CAP Team 2-9-2.  (CAP Teams were composed of about 8 to 13 Americans, who lived and served 24/7 in Vietnamese peasant-farming villages.    The Duc Duc Refugee Village was composed of about 2,000 homes.)
In the above picture, Jack's and George's eyes were shut, because of complete exhaustion.  It was July 1970.  At the time this picture was taken, the Americans in Duc Duc were not sure whether the CAP Unit would be pulled out of the village or whether it would be wiped out.  We were experiencing heavy combat.  Intelligence reports were coming in daily that the Communists wanted to punish the village while the Americans were still there.
      By wiping out CAP 2-9-2, the terrorists hoped to leave an example to other CAP Villages.  With alerts at the highest level, night ambush responsibilities were 100% watch throughout the night.  With two long patrols a day going outside the village, it didn't leave much time for the eight or so Americans to sleep. 
     Around the day this picture was taken, an intelligence report came in from the 1st Marine Division Headquarters in Da Nang that the high Communist Command wanted to speed up President Nixon's troop pullout from Vietnam.  They wanted to embarrass the Americans on a wide-scale and influence the American People into pressuring a faster troop pullout.  Their plan called for wiping out the Fifth Marines at An Hoa.  It was going to involve thousands of Communist Forces.  The Village of Duc Duc was on the large Marine Base's perimeter and was said to be the main route for the Communist attack.  Our orders that night in July 1970 was to set up in the most well protected position.  Our Cap Unit was expected to try and hold off the Communist drive off as long as possible.  We were expected to serve as a warning or trip wire (Queens Gambit) for the Fifth Marines.
Months after Jack and George pulled out of the village of Duc Duc, the Vietnamese communists punished the peasant village by burning it to the ground.  Hundreds of civilian men, women and children were killed, wounded and reported missing.  Two thousands homes were reduced to ashes.   The blaze could be seen from twenty-five (25) miles away in Da Nang.   It was the light of the blaze that guided United States Marines helicopters to the scene.

Above is nineteen year old Jack Cunningham with one of the boys from the Duc Duc Refugee Village. 
Below is the full picture of the same scene.

The boy with Jack is the Marine's village boy.  These village boys would run errands, cook C-Rations, clean up-after, massage tense muscles and serve as interpreters for the Marines.  Usually, each Marine had their own boy to help him around the village. 
Many times, adult peasants of Duc Duc would supply these boys with intelligence information of planned terrorist attacks on the village.   Supplying these intelligence reports on terrorist movements and plans may have been the reason why the Duc Duc Refugee Village was later burned to ashes.  
A month after the above picture was taken, the boy lost both of his parents in a terrorist rocket attack on their area of the Duc Duc Refugee Village.   After his parents were killed, the boy moved to a relative's home closer to the City of Da Nang;  which in the long run saved his life the night of the Duc Duc Massacre.

Former CAP Marine and webmaster Jack Cunningham and his wife, Joan