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Superior Court Transcript Mysteriously Goes Missing Before It Could Be Typed By Court Clerk
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Superior Court Transcript Mysteriously Goes Missing Before It Could Be Typed By Court Clerk
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For 7 years, I wrote New Jersey judges and the NJ Supreme and Superior Court systems about a missing Superior Court transcript.   The transcript had to do with legal malpractice charges being brought against a high level official of the New Jersey Supreme Court, and his former law firm.

During the case, powerful and influential, Supreme Court Vice-Chairman Robert Correale (Office of Attorney Ethics) represented himself and his own law firm, Maynard & Truland.   I represented myself, since no New Jersey lawyer wanted to take the case without big money up front.   My legal malpractice complaints started with Robert Correale's and his law firm's gross negligence, over-charging per hour, false billing, lack of communications, coming to court unprepared and perjury.  My evidence was extensive, yet simple.  Evidence was Maynard & Truland's own contact, their own invoices, court-filed letters, court-filed documents, etc.


After Honorable Superior Court Judge Ronald Graves reviewed my detailed evidence, he stated that my charges warranted the Superior Court Law Division for damages.  Months later, when I brought the case to the Law Division, Judges Graves court transcript could not be used as merit, because the court clerk’s only copy of the audio transcript was mysteriously missing and could not be typed. 


Over the years, everyone of my letters to New Jersey judges and the Supreme Court and Superior Court systems clearly quoted that Judge Graves stated that the damages against Maynard & Truland warranted the Superior Court Law Division.  I also wrote in each letter and court document that if I was committing perjury, I understood it meant prison.  (In these past 7 years, I never spent a night in jail for slander or perjury.)

      John "Jack" Cunningham

              Sussex, NJ

New Jersey Superior Court Appellate Division Judge Ronald Graves States Transcript From His Court Should Be There.



A state Supreme Court attorney ethics official Robert Correale misuses his government and court office to Cover-Up and block ethics violations and legal malpractice charges against his own law firm, Maynard & Truland.  After eight years, the Cover-Up leads all the way up to the Governor's Office, Attorney General's Office and the state's Supreme Court and Superior Court.


Your "Due Process" under the law was violated.  Perjury is also an issue which should not be over-looked.
Try communicating with the US Attorney and/or FBI.
Having been a pretty good "street cop" for 35 years this December, I read carefully what you sent me.
If I was involved with this case and having the documentation that you and the courts have, I believe that I would approach a mid-ranking Officer in the police service in your area and inquire about "perjury" investigations.
After spending 28 years in law enforcement, I've never seen such screw ups in my life.   Sounds like these lawyers had something going with friends in high New Jersey government places.
Theft of your constitutional rights and due process under the law, by deception.

Besides evidence of open perjury to NJ Supreme Court  (Link to this evidence is below), a
NJ Superior Court Transcript went missing before it could be typed by the Superior Court clerk.
 Have you ever heard of anything so strange?   There is plenty of clear and easy to understand evidence.   This court transcript was going to be used by Jack Cunningham, a disabled Vietnam vetera, in a Superior Court Law Division Legal Malpractice civil case against Vice-Chairman Robert Correale, a high level New Jersey State Attorney Ethics Official.  It was also going to be used in a formal New Jersey Supreme Court Attorney Ethics investigation against Robert Correale and his Law Firm, Maynard and Truland.   Because this evidence was lost (destroyed), both New Jersey Courts were able to throw out both of Jack Cunningham's cases and now Robert Correale,Esq. is a district attorney of Vernon Township and Andover Township, New Jersey.
Below you will read Jack Cunningham's letters that are addressed to New Jesey Superior Court and Supreme Court judges.  Numerous copies of these letters are filed in the New Jersey Court systems.

When I went to use the Superior Court Transcript of Judge Ronald Graves as added evidence in my Attorney Ethics Complaints against Maynard & Truland and New Jersey Attorney Ethics Vice-Chairman Robert Correale, the court transcript strangely went missing.  The transcript went missing before it could be typed by the court's clerk.

     I still don't understand how that it possible.  A Superior Court clerk loses just a segment of a court transcript.

     (You think I'm joking.)  Please read the below letters that are all filed in New Jersey's Sussex County Superior Court, New Jersey's Superior Court Appellate Division in Trenton and New Jersey's SUPREME COURT Office of Attorney Ethics.

    I was also unable to use the Superior Court transcript as an Affidavit of Merit in my Legal Malpractice civil case.  (Against Attorney Ethics Vice-Chairman Robert Correale and his Law Firm.) 







November 14, 2008
Congressman Scott Garrett, New Jersey's 5th Congressional District           
Cc: Honorable Governor Jon Corzine
       Honorable Senator Steven V. Oroho
       Honorable Alison Littell McHose
       Americans Working Together

Dear Tatiana Marquis, District Director,

As per the conversation you had with my wife Joan, please find the following information pertaining to my eight year struggle to initiate an investigation of my charges of corruption,  cover-up and a Conflict of Interest within the New Jersey's Office of Attorney Ethics and the NJ Attorney General's office.  Eight years of battling for Due Process is much to demand from an honorably disabled PTSD veteran.

Simply stated, I am requesting Governor Jon Corzine to look into (and answer my letters) how the state’s Office of Attorney Ethics allowed Vice-Chairman Robert Correale to use his influence as a high level member to block Legal Malpractice and Attorney Ethics charges from Correale and his law Firm, Maynard & Truland.

After a deluge of my letters in 2003, the Office of Attorney Ethics had their nearby committee, District XI do a perjury-filled, malfeasance, lame investigation; where Robert Correale and his former law firm, Maynard & Truland were cleared of all charges. Correale and his law firm’s lawyers supplied no supporting evidence with their sworn certifications. However, I supplied Maynard & Truland’s own contract and invoices, along with Superior Court Documents, court-filed letters, etc.

Over the years, Governor Jon Corzine has received, at least, seven U.S. mail letters (of which three were certified) and over twenty emails on this subject. All contained attached evidence. However, the Governor's office has NOT returned any communication. Additionally, Corzine's aid Susan does not return my phone calls, and her staff refuses to give me her last name.   Governor Corzine’s lack of return communications only adds to this New Jersey State Government Cover-up.

At this point, I do not wish to burden you with additional details, of which there are plenty. I simply ask that you communicate to the Governor my request for an investigation.   (You can read evidence directly on the internet at the below listed web links.)
Due to being diagnosed and rated 100% disabled as a combat Marine, I suffer memory loss and request a copy of all communications with Corzine's office.
As per your request, I have copied my New Jersey State Legislative representatives in the hope they will do their own follow-up with Governor Jon Corzine.

Jack "John" Cunningham
Current status of the above letter. 
Ms. Tatiana Marquis has been in verbal communications with my wife.   (Waiting for written follow up.)   Assemblywoman Alison Littell-McHose, State Senator Steven Oroho and Governor Jon Corzine have not returned any communications.
Please call Senator Oroho and Assemblywoman Littel-McHose and ask them, if they will be returning Jack Cunningham's letter.
Thank You 
Senator Steven Oroho  Phone Number:  973 - 300 - 0200
Assemblywoman Alison Littell-McHose  Phone Number:  973 - 300 - 0200
Ms. Tatiana Marquis Phone Number:  201 - 712 - 0330
Governor Jon Corzine  Phone Number:  609 - 292 - 6000
Theft of your constitutional rights and due process under the law, by deception.

I'm trying to get my congressman to recognize this is not just a New Jersey issue, but a federal civil rights issue.   Please call Congressman Scott Garrett's office (973) 300-2000 and ask for Dana.  In a nice way, please tell her what you think about this issue.  It's time to bring some state politicians and state officials to justice for this.  Ten years is a long time for a veteran to battle for his civil rights.  It's time that the federal government is not part of this cover-up...

Please have your members of Congress call and/or write Congressman Scott Garrett and ask them to support Jack Cunningham's civil rights against the State of New Jersey.


     John "Jack" Cunningham  
We have all the evidence to prove these facts...

On December 21, 2000, I first wrote a letter to the New Jersey Supreme Court's Office of Attorney Ethics complaining about the Maynard & Truland law firm in Morristown, New Jersey and their attorney Robert Correale.   Maynard & Truland was a law firm that I retained to represent me in a Superior court case.  We were four months into the contract, so I did not want to change the law firm; I just wanted Maynard & Truland and their attorney Robert Correale to act professionally.  My complaints in the letter were Maynard & Truland's complete lack of professionalism, which included their gross negligence, their (Correale) overcharging me, their (Correale) false billing, their (Correale) inability to have me removed from a court default that they caused themselves and their (Correale) complete lack of communications.  I no longer wanted to feel like I was fighting Maynard & Truland and their attorney Robert Correale, more than the real opposing parties.

I opened my letter to NJ Supreme Court's Office of Attorney Ethics explaining that I was a veteran from the Vietnam War and that I was disabled with PTSD, due to heavy combat from living and serving (24/7) in a Vietnamese peasant village.  I added that I suffered from chronic pain resulting from a terrorist bomb blast that I received in the village.  I highlighted how Maynard & Truland's lack of professionalism was greatly exacerbating my PTSD and chronic pain.   At the time, I was not looking for anything other than Maynard & Truland to represent me in a professional manner, yet understand I suffered from veterans disabilities.  With the letter, I included a federal Veterans Affairs (VA) diagnose statement as well as VA medical progress reports, which clearly stated the impact Maynard & Truland ethics violations were having on my disabilities.  I also supplied letters that I sent Maynard & Truland's attorneys begging them to act professionally.  I supplied all this personal information in the hope the State of New Jersey would provide me with some reasonable disability accommodations and insure that the law firm acted professionally. 

Six days later, the Secretary of District X Ethics Committee, Bonnie C. Frost wrote a return letter that stated, due to New Jersey Court rules, their office could not do anything to help me.  She added I was free to get advice from another attorney. 

Whether it was warranted or not, the Office of Attorney Ethics - District X's lack of support just added to the anxiety and even opened the door for Maynard & Truland to continue ongoing ethics violations.  Their over-charging, false billing, negligence, lack of communications continued.  At one point a Maynard & Truland attorney arrived unprepared at Superior Court for an arbitration, and I was forced to represent myself as their attorney sat quietly to my left.   I ended up getting charged over $600 for the attorney just sitting there.  (Even this, he charged at the inflated rate.)

A little over two years later, when I refused to pay their open bill, Maynard & Truland attorneys brought me to Superior court for $1,700.  I counter sued on the same docket for Legal Malpractice against the firm.  During a break in the court proceedings, I learned that the Maynard & Truland attorney Robert Correale was the local Vice Chairman of New Jersey's Supreme Court Office of Attorney Ethics.  He was himself responsible for bringing official ethics violations to New Jersey's Supreme Court for himself and his law firm, Maynard & Truland.  This was the same Attorney Ethics Committee that I asked to support me two years before.  (Major Conflict of Interest)

The detailed evidence, I supplied the Superior Court Judge Ronald Graves on the Open Bill/Legal Malpractice case that day was enough for the judge to decide against Vice-Chairman of Attorney Ethics Robert Correale and his law firm.  Their open bill charges were dropped and the judge determined that my charges of legal malpractice warranted (merited) the Superior Court Law Division for damages.

When I brought the Legal Malpractice case to Superior Court Law Division, Judge Ronald Graves court transcript was missing and could not be typed.  It actually disappeared.  My Superior Court Law Division Legal Malpractice case against the Maynard & Truland law firm and Vice-Chairman of the New Jersey Supreme Court Office of Attorney Ethics Robert Correale was then thrown out of Superior Court for lack of merit.  How convenient was this...

Vice-Chairman of Attorney Ethics Robert Correale and his fellow Maynard & Truland attorneys were later cleared by the Office of Attorney Ethics, when they swore to written Certifications to the New Jersey Supreme Court, which were filled with perjurious, misleading and vague statements.

This Superior Court transcript went missing in 2003.  The State of New Jersey is still looking for it.  Although, I have written numerous letters to the federal Department of Justice requesting they assist me in getting my Civil Rights and Due Process from the State of New Jersey, the Department of Justice insists this is a New Jersey issue and they refuse to help.   My years of certified letters to New Jersey governors, attorney generals, NJ federal senators, NJ court systems go unanswered. 

In 2010, the Cover-Up still goes on...   Former Vice-Chairman Robert Correale, his former attorneys at Maynard & Truland and those politicians and state government officials, who protected them for almost ten years, stay above state and federals laws.

Currently, my State Senator Steven Oroho has been investigating this and has been since November 2008.  I'm also trying to get my federal Congressman Scott Garrett involved in getting me my Due Rights and charging the State of New Jersey with denying me my civil rights for almost ten years and the violating the Americans with Disabilities Act for not giving me reasonable disability accommodations in the New Jersey Supreme and Supreme Court systems.

This still remains the biggest topic of my Veterans Affairs (VA) therapy sessions and the exacerbation of my PTSD and chronic pain continues.   But the one thing I know, I won't give up trying to get justice from the federal and state government.

I never want to see this happen again to another PTSD vet or regular citizen.

John "Jack" Cunningham
Proud Vietnam Veteran