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A legacy of corruption, economic ruin, repression and ethnic cleansing
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Here's a great article on what happens to a country after America leaves it too early, before the job is done...
Bill Laurie [ bill_laurie@yahoo.com ]
Ho Chi Minh’s Gift
A legacy of corruption, economic ruin, repression and ethnic cleansing
Ho Chi Minh died in 1969, and on the anniversary of his birth this May the old guard in Hanoi predictably imposed another state celebration in his honor. More than just ‘keeping up appearances,’ the Vietnamese communist regime is fighting to retain ideological justification as today’s “money-making communists” cling to power. Since North Vietnamese forces in Soviet tanks first crashed the gates of the Presidential Palace in Saigon however, some three decades ago the Vietnamese communist party has done nothing but fail their people …. and fail them in spectacular fashion.

Vietnam hosts one of the most corrupt regimes in the world and in 2008 was rated by Transparency International as 121st ‘most corrupt’ amongst 180 nations. Likewise Vietnam is also one of the poorest with the average wage being a few dollars a day. Initially, the post war communists found an easy out, blaming its economic woes on French and American wars but as the years went by, the communist lie became harder to defend. Doi moi (renovation) grew older and the Vietnamese tiger remained asleep in the forest. The communist victory in Vietnam however, was doomed from the outset, predestined to birth a template for economic decay and endemic corruption ... and like their brutal human rights record, the failure in Vietnam is nothing less than a self-inflicted wound.

The origins of Vietnam’s problems can be traced to its conception. In the 1950s, Ho Chi Minh and his communist party murdered an estimated 50,000 people in Northern Vietnam. It was called the “Land Reform Program” but the only reform it did was the execution and starvation of tens of thousands of peasants and landowners. Earlier during the 1930s and 1940s, Uncle Ho and his gang eliminated their political opponents in a series of assassinations. Yes, murder, where the communists in mafia-like fashion shot and killed their opposition, thus ending the true Vietnamese nationalist parties, the Quoc Dan Dang and Da Viet.

It is through this use of terror that Uncle Ho and his cohort General Giap came to power forging the Viet Cong’s strategy of “terror.” The deliberate massacre of thousands of Vietnamese civilians in 1968 at the imperial city of Hue or the 1967 butchery of hundreds of tribal Montagnards by flamethrowers in the village in Dak Son would became a testament to Ho Chi Minh’s brutality. After taking over South Vietnam, the communists would further murder at least 80,000 Vietnamese people in Stalinist style re-education camps.

Today the children of Ho follow his legacy by mimicking China, North Korea, Cuba, Burma and Iran by maintaining power through brute force and censorship of the press. In March 2009 Reporters Without Borders declared Vietnam an “enemy of the internet” and all a citizen of Vietnam needs to do today is criticize the regime and security police will come for you with handcuffs.

The brutal repression of Vietnam’s tribal peoples also continues unabated. The U.S. State Department acknowledged killings of Montagnards by security forces and there are today hundreds of Montagnard political and religious prisoners rotting in Vietnamese jails.

The Montagnards of Degar people have in fact been subjected to decades of persecution in a “creeping” form of “ethnic cleansing.” The attack upon these indigenous peoples started in 1975 with the execution and imprisonment of their political and religious leaders. The next phase of attack was aimed at the Montagnards’s lifeblood, where the communists confiscated their ancestral lands to make way for forced migrations of ethnic Vietnamese. The Montagnards today have been driven into poverty and their natural resources, the once great forests of Vietnam have been deforested by companies controlled by the Vietnamese Army.

Religious persecution against Christians continues also and in April 2008 a 42-year-old Montagnard woman named Puih Hbat was arrested for having Christian prayer services in her home. Officials from the U.S. Embassy and the European Commission have investigated her case, yet Puih Hbat has not been heard of since and her family believes she may have been murdered in custody.

Vietnam’s Communist Party deny any such human rights violations, but have tried placating concerns raised by foreign investors. Party Chief Nong Duc Manh stated in 2006 that “Corruption threatens the survival of our regime,” and yet institutionalized corruption continues to plague the country at every level. The problem is, Hanoi hosts a most stubborn regime and unlike its former patron the Soviet Union, never undertook even the most palatable of communist admitted failings such as “de-Stalinization.” Hanoi responded to Krushchev’s denouncement of Stalin’s murderous reign with official idolization, calling Stalin a “marvelously noble ideal communist.” Never mind that Stalin killed millions of his own people.

Today Vietnam’s state press continues espousing paranoia of the threat to their sovereignty by overseas “hostile forces.” Hanoi went so far as to formally accuse the U.S. based Montagnard Foundation with terrorist allegations in the United Nations. While they lost this bogus bid to silence its critics Hanoi continues today to persecute the Montagnards with a vengeance.

In a comical farce, Vietnam’s leading newspaper the Nhan Dan actually ran an article on May 6, 2008 titled, “The Everlasting Vitality of Marxism.” Such diatribes against capitalism seemingly have no effect upon trade delegations from the West who eagerly reap the profits of Vietnam’s cheap labor markets. Yet reform is slow and party rhetoric won’t cure Vietnam’s deeply rooted communist ills. In March 2009, top secret politburo documents uncovered by the Paris based Vietnam Human Rights Committee described Hanoi’s plan to “maintain a climate of permanent fear” so they can “stay in power for another 20 years.”

So goes the strange saga of Vietnam. Communist on the outside, capitalist on the inside and…corrupt all over. It is stranger still, given their hatred of religion that Hanoi dared to promulgate its own religion. Yet they did exactly that in preserving Ho like Lenin for public display and proclaiming his saintly status, by alleging he was celibate! Truth be known Ho had numerous mistresses and the Vietnamese author Duong Thu Huong reports party officials murdered one such mistress named Xuan in 1957 by party officials just to keep the celibate myth alive. Bui Tin, the North Vietnamese Colonel who defected in 1989, also confirmed Ho’s sexual affairs, and lest we forget, communist party general secretary Nong Duc Manh long built his career on claims he was the illegitimate son of Ho Chi Minh!

Ho Chi Minh’s gift to the people of Vietnam however, was not his macabre corpse entombed in the stone monstrosity in Hanoi. His gift was authoritarianism, lies, corruption and repression built on the blood of the Vietnamese people. A gift of creeping ethnic cleansing, that glides across the Vietnamese landscape in a deathly bid to silence an ancient race of tribal people.

While the powers to be no doubt are trying to massage Vietnam out of its slumber, foreign aid and trade deals have yet to shake off Hanoi’s chains of corruption. The regime has entrenched its power and the transition to true democracy is held hostage by Uncle Ho’s ever recalcitrant children, the Vietnamese communist party.

Scott Johnson is a lawyer, writer and human rights activist who has focused on issues in South East Asia.

Press HERE: Lawyers' Perjury, Fraud, Ethics Violations, Legal Malpractice, State Supreme Court Coverup

Mitt Romney's leading V.P. candidate, Governor Chris Christie turns his back on a disabled vet's charges of attorney ethics violations against one of Christie's lawyer friends. Chris Christie is
delaying a call for a transparent investigation for a missing Superior Court transcript as well as fraud and perjury charges surrounding New Jersey Supreme Court Official Robert Correale and his powerful and influential, former law firm, Maynard & Truland

Please call Governor Chris Christie's office at 609-292-6000 and state that John "Jack" Cunningham's allegations deserve a 'honest' New Jersey State investigation.

pass this request for calling Governor Chris Christie to ALL your families and friends 'on and off' the internet. It's about time, New Jersey's state government faced this Cover-up.

Proud Vietnam Vet, Proud Tea Party Patriot, Webmaster Jack Cunningham

Help end Government Corruption in 2012

A state Supreme Court attorney ethics Vice-Chairman Robert Correale misuses his high level government and court office to Cover-Up and block ethics violations and legal malpractice charges against his own law firm, Maynard & Truland.  After eight years, the Cover-Up leads all the way up to the Governor's Office, the Attorney General's Office, the state's Supreme Court and Superior Court.
Disabled Vietnam vet, Jack Cunningham's ethic complaints start with Robert Correale's and his law firm's gross negligence, over-charging per hour, false billing, lack of communications, coming to court unprepared and open perjury to the New Jersey Supreme Court and Superior Court systems.   (Evidence are Maynard & Truland's own contact, invoices, court-filed letters, court-filed documents and court-filed sworn statements, NJ Supreme Court attorney certifications, etc.)

Please direct your calls to Gov Chris Christie at: 609-292-6000. It's time, Governor Chris Christie asks for a formal investigation of the Cover-up.
John "Jack" Cunningham vs. New Jersey Office of Attorney Ethics



WASHINGTON  DC       9-12-2009       TEA  PARTY
Webmaster Jack Cunningham, Sussex, New Jersey


Webmaster Jack Cunningham Sussex, NJ

Below is Jack Cunningham standing with Congressman Joe Wilson at the Morristown, New Jersey Tea Party on November 1, 2009.

" A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government."
- George Washington


Billboard recently established on I-75 just south of Lake City, Florida
What we do know about Obama is that, since his teen years, he has been mentored by, gravitated toward, and surrounded by the most dangerous sort of America-hating socialists, communists, and Marxists… from Frank Marshall Davis and Saul Alinsky to Weather Underground terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, to Rev. Jeremiah Wright, George Soros, and countless radical left college professors.
 by Paul R. Hollrah  February 1, 2010
Navy Petty Officer Mike Monsoor
(AP Photo/David Guttenfelder, FILE)
See a larger copy of this picture and learn the story behind it at:    http://www.capveterans.com/american_veterans/id24.html
A real David and Goliath story
Eight year corruption battle against his State Government may finally come to light...
Above the Law
When does a Superior Court transcript go missing, before it could be typed?
When a state Supreme Court official is being tied for legal Malpractice.
This same Supreme Court Official Commits Perjury to Supreme Court (Evidence)
(See if you can recognize the perjury)
USS ARIZONA Marine Remembrance At Pearl Harbor
UPDATE:    We saved the Marine Corps Rememberance Memorial in Pearl Harbor From The National Park Service.


From:    Colonel John R. Bates USMC (ret)     jrbatesusmc@aol.com
UPDATE:   A couple of years ago, I was the Operations Officer for the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center, on the waterfront between the USS ARIZONA and the USS BOWFIN. The Commandant of the Marine Corps was the featured speaker at the dedication of the USS ARIZONA Marine Remembrance, 10 November 2006. The National Park Service, which administers the USS ARIZONA Memorial is renovating all of Halawa Landing, the site of the Marine Remembrance. The Regional Director of the Natl Park Service Western Region, Jon Jarvis, stated on the local TV news that the Marine Remembrance would be removed. I challenged him on that statement and convinced him that would not happen without a fight. I passed the word to (disabled vet and webmaster) Jack Cunningham (Americans Working Together), who in turn asked his readership to email Jarvis that the entire USMC would make every effort to have him relieved of his duties if he moved that monument. I was copied on many of the emails to him from Marines, their friends and their families that it nearly fried my computer. And...it worked. In order to save his job, Jarvis backed down. The Remembrance now belongs to the USMC and has its' rightful place in direct view of the USS ARIZONA.
Now, Jack Cunningham can use our help himself, as he fights for his due process against a corrupt law firm and state officials who are protecting them.



From: John R. Bates [mailto: jrbatesusmc@aol.com ]
Sent: Wednesday, January 07, 2009 6:55 PM
Subject: John "Jack" Cunningham


Dear Senator Oroho,

I'm writing this request (again) on behalf of Jack Cunningham, a former active duty Marine and Vietnam veteran.  Although I've never actually met him in person, simply the fact that he is a fellow Marine in need of justice, I offer to help him in any way I can.  As you may know, Marines are like that.  Marines take care of Marines.

Although I probably don't know all of the facts pertaining to his case against the State of New Jersey, I know enough to firmly believe that he should be heard in a public forum.  His charges are serious.  There are claims of abuse of power and cover-up at the highest level of the State government.  When such accusations are made, I believe the leadership has no other option than to investigate.  Until that is done, all that know of him and his charges will assume that there is indeed a cover-up.  Perception is a powerful thing.  Hopefully it won't be counter to the truth, whatever that may be.

If this is allowed to continue to fester, the results will be devastating on all involved.

If this issue is not addressed soon, my only other option is to forward this to every Marine website and public forum I can find.  That option is not a good one for any of us.

Please do the right thing and give Jack his "day in court."

Very Respectfully,   John R. Bates  

Colonel John R. Bates USMC (ret)     jrbatesusmc@aol.com

EVIDENCE  AND  DETAILS  AT:     http://www.americans-working-together.com/attorney_ethics/id73.html


Three year old, Griffen lost in the texting game.  Press Here For Details.


Washington, Hamilton and LaFayette on the Green at Morristown, New Jersey
It is said that even New Jersey has mountain lions.  Checkout the story at:   MOUNTAIN  LIONS  IN  NEW  JERSEY
Here's a picture of a 260 mountain lion.
Full picture and story at the next link.