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Vietnam Combat Vet Shunned By US Courts (and Federal Politicians)
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This disabled combat vet is not good enough to receive his due rights from the federal government, yet he was possibly good enough to save President Bush's life from an assassin... 
Please read details below.

From: "  "
Sent: Jun 21, 2010 2:38 PM 
Subject:                      Viet Combat Vet Shunned By US Courts.

Dear Sirs And Madams;
My name is Mark Falzon (732 865-1102 ) and I am a Tea Party Leader and Activist in NJ and a previous congressional primary candidate (CD #6-NJ).  One of our members is suffering through a terrible ordeal.  The gentleman is Jack Cunningham.  No American should be suffering the treatment he endures, none the less a combat veteran.
Please assist his cause by publicizing his dilemma.  His combat experience (extensive) is detailed http://www.capveterans.com/americans_working_together/id75.html here.
His saga through the courts is in the below text.
Thank You
Mark Falzon
National Tea Party Patriots-State Of NJ Coordinator
Jersey Shore Tea Party-Event Coordinator
Bayshore Tea Party Group-Leadership Council


What would you do in a situation like this?
     John "Jack" Cunningham   

On December 21, 2000, I first wrote a letter to the New Jersey Supreme Court's Office of Attorney Ethics complaining about the Maynard & Truland law firm in Morristown, New Jersey and their attorney Robert Correale.   Maynard & Truland was a law firm that I retained to represent me in a Superior court case.  We were four months into the contract, so I did not want to change the law firm; I just wanted Maynard & Truland and their attorney Robert Correale to act professionally.  My complaints in the letter were Maynard & Truland's complete lack of professionalism, which included their gross negligence, their (Correale) overcharging me, their (Correale) false billing, their (Correale) inability to have me removed from a court default that they caused themselves and their (Correale) complete lack of communications.  I no longer wanted to feel like I was fighting Maynard & Truland and their attorney Robert Correale, more than the real opposing parties.

I opened my letter to NJ Supreme Court's Office of Attorney Ethics explaining that I was a veteran from the Vietnam War and that I was disabled with PTSD, due to heavy combat from living and serving (24/7) in a Vietnamese peasant village.  I added that I suffered from chronic pain resulting from a terrorist bomb blast that I received in the village.  I highlighted how Maynard & Truland's lack of professionalism was greatly exacerbating my PTSD and chronic pain.   At the time, I was not looking for anything other than Maynard & Truland to represent me in a professional manner, yet understand I suffered from veterans disabilities.  With the letter, I included a federal Veterans Affairs (VA) diagnose statement as well as VA medical progress reports, which clearly stated the impact Maynard & Truland ethics violations were having on my disabilities.  I also supplied letters that I sent Maynard & Truland's attorneys begging them to act professionally.  I supplied all this personal information in the hope the State of New Jersey would provide me with some reasonable disability accommodations and insure that the law firm acted professionally. 

Six days later, the Secretary of District X Ethics Committee, Bonnie C. Frost wrote a return letter that stated, due to New Jersey Court rules, their office could not do anything to help me.  She added I was free to get advice from another attorney. 

Whether it was warranted or not, the Office of Attorney Ethics - District X's lack of support just added to the anxiety and even opened the door for Maynard & Truland to continue ongoing ethics violations.  Their over-charging, false billing, negligence, lack of communications continued.  At one point a Maynard & Truland attorney arrived unprepared at Superior Court for an arbitration, and I was forced to represent myself as their attorney sat quietly to my left.   I ended up getting charged over $600 for the attorney just sitting there.  (Even this, he charged at the inflated rate.)

A little over two years later, when I refused to pay their open bill, Maynard & Truland attorneys brought me to Superior court for $1,700.  I counter sued on the same docket for Legal Malpractice against the firm.  During a break in the court proceedings, I learned that the Maynard & Truland attorney Robert Correale was the local Vice Chairman of New Jersey's Supreme Court Office of Attorney Ethics.  He was himself responsible for bringing official ethics violations to New Jersey's Supreme Court for himself and his law firm, Maynard & Truland.  This was the same Attorney Ethics Committee that I asked to support me two years before.  (Major Conflict of Interest)

The detailed evidence, I supplied the Superior Court Judge Ronald Graves on the Open Bill/Legal Malpractice case that day was enough for the judge to decide against Vice-Chairman of Attorney Ethics Robert Correale and his law firm.  Their open bill charges were dropped and the judge determined that my charges of legal malpractice warranted (merited) the Superior Court Law Division for damages.

When I brought the Legal Malpractice case to Superior Court Law Division, Judge Ronald Graves court transcript was missing and could not be typed.  It actually disappeared.  My Superior Court Law Division Legal Malpractice case against the Maynard & Truland law firm and Vice-Chairman of the New Jersey Supreme Court Office of Attorney Ethics Robert Correale was then thrown out of Superior Court for lack of merit.  How convenient was this...

Vice-Chairman of Attorney Ethics Robert Correale and his fellow Maynard & Truland attorneys were later cleared by the Office of Attorney Ethics, when they swore to written Certifications to the New Jersey Supreme Court, which were filled with perjurious, misleading and vague statements.

This Superior Court transcript went missing in 2003.  The State of New Jersey is still looking for it.  Although, I have written numerous letters to the federal Department of Justice requesting they assist me in getting my Civil Rights and Due Process from the State of New Jersey, the Department of Justice insists this is a New Jersey issue and they refuse to help.   My years of certified letters to New Jersey governors, attorney generals, NJ federal senators, NJ court systems go unanswered. 

In 2010, the Cover-Up still goes on...   Former Vice-Chairman Robert Correale, his former attorneys at Maynard & Truland and those politicians and state government officials, who protected them for almost ten years, stay above state and federals laws.

Currently, my State Senator Steven Oroho has been investigating this and has been since November 2008.  I'm also trying to get my federal Congressman Scott Garrett involved in getting me my Due Rights and charging the State of New Jersey with denying me my civil rights for almost ten years and the violating the Americans with Disabilities Act for not giving me reasonable disability accommodations in the New Jersey Supreme and Supreme Court systems.

This still remains the biggest topic of my Veterans Affairs (VA) therapy sessions and the exacerbation of my PTSD and chronic pain continues.   But the one thing I know, I won't give up trying to get justice from the federal and state government.

I never want to see this happen again to another PTSD vet or regular citizen.

John "Jack" Cunningham
Proud Vietnam Veteran

Back in 2003, a few days after the American invasion of Iraq, the internet was a blaze with opinions: both pro and con on the war.   Although the attack on Iraq was voted by the United States Congress as a necessary action against Saddam, President George Bush was given much of the blame. 
Being fairly patriotic, supportive how Congress voted on this subject and active on the internet, I received a lot of the anti-Bush comments.  
All Americans have free speech, so I had to bear with the opinions, but they had to hear mine.  However, a few postings by one individual on a message board got way above freedom of speech.
Using the nickname of  SNUFFBUSH,  he actually posted on the message board to me that President Bush would always have to look over his shoulder for him, even when President Bush left office.
Immediately, I notified the Secret Service and the FBI.  I felt that these government agenies should determine if the postings were vaild threats or free speech gone wild.
It turned out to be a valid threat.   I received the below letter about a week after reporting the threat.  After doing their initial investigation, the Secret Service thanked me twice the same day that I reported the threat.


Jack Cunningham is trying to get his congressman to recognize this is not just a New Jersey issue, but a federal civil rights issue.   Please call Congressman Scott Garrett's office (973) 300-2000 and ask for Dana.  In a nice way, please tell her what you think about this issue.  It's time to bring some state politicians and state officials to justice for this.  Ten years is a long time for a veteran to battle for his civil rights.  It's time that the federal government is not part of this cover-up... 

Please have your members of Congress call Congressman Scott Garrett and ask them to support Jack Cunningham's civil rights against the State of New Jersey.

So what do you want?   What are you asking for?
It's simple.  I want the federal government to stop playing dumb.   I want federal justice to come to a law firm of powerful and corrupt attorneys;  and I especially want federal justice to come to state politicians and state officials, who have protected these attorneys for almost ten years.  I want changes in federal and state laws dealing with PTSD veterans to protect them from this crap happening in the future.
My Cover-up charges are against three branches of New Jersey's government.  The New Jersey Supreme Court, New Jersey Superior Court and the executive branch of New Jersey's government.  (Starting with the governor's office, his appointed attorney general and New Jersey's federal Senator Robert Menendez's office.)
At the center of my evidence is a missing Superior Court transcript and sworn, perjurious attorney Certifications to New Jersey Supreme Court.
http://www.capveterans.com/american_veterans/id74.html   I also have numerous letters from New Jersey's Supreme Court's Office of Attorney Ethics.
John "Jack" Cunningham

Is Governor Chris Christie, good political friend of Mitt Romney, delaying a call for a transparent investigation for fraud and perjury charges surrounding New Jersey Supreme Court Official Robert Correale and his powerful and influential former law firm, Maynard & Truland?

Please call Governor Chris Christie's office at 609-292-6000 and state that John "Jack" Cunningham's allegations deserve a 'honest' New Jersey State investigation.

pass this request for calling Governor Chris Christie to ALL your families and friends 'on and off' the internet. It's about time, New Jersey's state government faced this Cover-up.

Surrender is still not an option. His story needs to be heard... Please press HERE.

Insist on honesty in government and protection of our fundamental rights, Constitution, and Bill of Rights.
Judicial corruption and government corruption are intolerable.  Please join and recruit to our Facebook Cause:
Help give America's PTSD vets a stronger voice.
Please join our Facebook Cause.  We are now nearing 14,000 members.
PTSD disabled vets should be protected under the Federal Americans with Disability Act?
Help a Decorated, Disabled Vet Get an Investigation Against a Corrupt, Powerful Law Firm
The cause is going for 1,000 Facebook members.
Their mission: Pressure the State of New Jersey into investigating Corruption/Cover-Up charges against New Jersey Office of Attorney Ethics,
Former Vice-Chairman Robert Correale, and his former law firm

Join Our Facebook Cause:  Help Stop the Disgrace Against This Vietnam Vets Memorial 

(We are now nearing 30,000 Facebook members.)




In Vietnam, Webmaster Jack Cunningham served (24/7) in a Vietnamese peasant-farming village.   At times, there were only four (4) Americans in a village of 2,000 homes.
Jack is holding his M-79 grenade launcher.   The weapon was nicknamed "The Blooper" because of the sound the weapon made, when it released a round.
Please call Governor Chris Christie (609-292-6000) and ask him to answer combat-wounded, Vietnam veteran John "Jack" Cunningham's registered letter his office signed for on November 20th.    Details at: http://pronlinenews.com/?p=1834
Dear Vietnam Era Veteran,   Love America
The State of New Jersey gives free passes...      Details please press HERE.

Let's Stand Shoulder To Shoulder And Get Our Country Back From Narcissistic Politicians...     Press HERE for one person's battle.   He's NOT giving up, until there is federal and state justice.


We can do this thing together...
 "The willingness with which our young people are likely to serve in any war, no matter how justified, shall be directly proportional to how they perceive veterans of early wars were treated and appreciated by our nation."
 - George Washington
Help Stop the Disgrace Against This Vietnam Vets Memorial
Please join our Facebook Cause and help stop this disgrace.   Help get out the news.   Over 22,800 current members.
Proud Vietnam Vet, Proud Tea Party Patriot, Webmaster Jack Cunningham

Help end Government Corruption in 2010

A state Supreme Court attorney ethics Vice-Chairman Robert Correale misuses his high level government and court office to Cover-Up and block ethics violations and legal malpractice charges against his own law firm, Maynard & Truland.  After eight years, the Cover-Up leads all the way up to the Governor's Office, the Attorney General's Office, the state's Supreme Court and Superior Court.
Disabled Vietnam vet, Jack Cunningham's ethic complaints start with Robert Correale's and his law firm's gross negligence, over-charging per hour, false billing, lack of communications, coming to court unprepared and open perjury to the New Jersey Supreme Court and Superior Court systems.   (Evidence are Maynard & Truland's own contact, invoices, court-filed letters, court-filed documents and court-filed sworn statements, NJ Supreme Court attorney certifications, etc.)
Thanks to some dedicated, honest State Legislators, Jack Cunningham is no longer in this battle alone.   Please read the below letters. 
It's going to another level.  It's proof that in America, the little guy can win, if he or she does not give up...





State Senator Steven Oroho's office has already completed a preliminary investigation.
New Jersey State Senator Oroho's office has received enough calls. I can't thank you enough.

Please direct your calls to Gov Chris Christie at: 609-292-6000. It's time "new", Governor Chris Christie asks for a formal investigation of the Cover-up.
John "Jack" Cunningham vs. New Jersey Office of Attorney Ethics

Gov. Christie can ask State Senate Steven Oroho all questions.
Nearing The Impossible...
A real David and Goliath story
Eight year corruption battle against his State Government may finally come to light...
Above the Law
Disabled vet battles over 9 years to bring them to justice.
When does a Superior Court transcript go missing, before it could be typed?
When a state Supreme Court official is being tied for legal Malpractice.
This same Supreme Court Official Commits Perjury to Supreme Court (Evidence)
(See if you can recognize the perjury)
Navy Petty Officer Mike Monsoor
Please press the below ship diagram to link to their website.
The Mesothelioma Cancer Center assists Veterans

 who have received a mesothelioma diagnosis

Ben Grayson       
National Awareness Coordinator & Veteran Liaison
Mesothelioma Cancer Center

(407)965-5755 -- direct line