Attorney Corruption
Why a governor protects a lawyer, who committed false-billing, over-charging and perjury
Would You Pay An Attorney $612 For His Time, If He Came To A Proceeding Unprepared And Sat Silent?
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Would You Pay An Attorney, If He Came To A Proceeding Unprepared? 
On 2/14/2001, Jack Cunningham was charged $612.50 for the work completed by general-practice attorney Robert Correale.



Would you pay $612.50 for your own lawyer being unprepared, and his silence...?    

Is Governor Chris Christie, good political friend of Mitt Romney, delaying a call for a transparent investigation for fraud and perjury charges surrounding New Jersey Supreme Court Official Robert Correale and his powerful and influential former law firm, Maynard & Truland?

Please call Governor Chris Christie's office at 609-292-6000 and state that John "Jack" Cunningham's allegations deserve a 'honest' New Jersey State investigation.

pass this request for calling Governor Chris Christie to ALL your families and friends 'on and off' the internet. It's about time, New Jersey's state government faced this Cover-up.

Surrender is still not an option. His story needs to be heard... Please press HERE.

Would You Pay An Attorney, If He Came To A Proceeding Unprepared?