Hospitalized American Veterans are truly our "Forgotten Heroes!"
We need your help. It seems every other interest group has an organization with celebrities supporting it, but for Hospitalized American Veterans.

It does not take much to cheer-up a hospitalized Veteran. There's no money involved. Just receiving letters from school children is enough cheer to last for many days. It does not have to be a letter from a child... personal letters from adults are also great!
If a celebrity hands the letters out to the Veterans, the warmth would never be forgotten. (On both ends.)

I wrote the "Dear Vietnam Veteran" Letter in the hope it would be presented to Vietnam Veterans. These letters could be given to any Vietnam Veteran. It can be copied for non-financial reasons by anyone, who stands behind its message.

If you and other American celebrities are willing to help with this project, it may influence the average American to visit their Hospitalized Veterans as well. In the end, the hospitalized-celebrities will feel 'Their service to our country was & is appreciated.'

If you would like to help, please have someone contact us. If you would rather do something on your own, please call your nearest Veteran Administration (VA) public affairs director and communicate your desire to help. It would be fantastic if a group of appreciative celebrities did something on their own.
I promise you that once you visit Hospitalized Veterans, you'll feel awfully warm inside.
Thank You
Jack Cunningham

Honoring Veterans is not a political statement.
It's just a simple message
To those
Serving our nation honorably and proudly today.