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From 1965 to 1975, more than forty movies with a central anti-Vietnam War theme reached the screen. These featured deserters or draft evaders as the movies' heroes.
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Linc Case [of Route 66] would be the last "good" vet to appear on a television series for a long number of years. Television went through its own "coming home" period of using returning Vietnam Veterans as ready-made black-hat types wearing field jackets who were bent on crime and craziness. Every cop and detective show - and they were numerous during the Vietnam era and postwar years - readily picked up on Vietnam Veterans as sterotypical drug users and pushers, thieves, and murderers. If a script called for an insane character, it was a good bet that a Vietnam Veteran would be written into the role. Of particular noteworthiness for their inclusion of loathsome Vietnam Veterans were the popular series "Mannix," "Cannon," "Kojak," and "The Streets of San Francisco."
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The more films I watched, the more I realized that, in part, Vietnam War films are an insult to veterans and moviegoers; as a whole, they represent the first group of American movies to systematically vilify the warrior as well as the war.
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"Saving Private Ryan", "Band of Brothers" and "Black Hawk Down" are Hollywood's first real attempts in many years to vilify war and at the same time, honor American Veterans. These productions are to be commended for their realism as well as for their entertainment value.
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