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Vietnam Veterans for Academic Reform - Leonard Magruder - President
"As members of a group of Marines who lived with, helped and protected the villages of South Vietnam during the Vietnam War, CAProductions has launched a most admirable and extensive program to continue to help others. A major project is to produce a television series on American humanitarian and civic actions during the Vietnam War, an aspect that was largely neglected in reporting on the war. Other elements of this remarkable program include helping homeless veterans, funding youth groups, helping those with delayed stress syndrome, providing entertainment for hospitalized veterans, aiding BoysTown of Italy, supporting a national fund for the widows and orphans of rescue workers, providing medical aid to Vietnamese peasants and an exploration with the government on how the CAP program can help in the war on terrorism.
All of these very worthwhile projects help reveal the true Vietnam Veteran, who was often misrepresented, misunderstood, and even maligned in Vietnam and when he returned home by those opposed to the war.
As president of Vietnam Veterans for Academic Reform, a veteran organization long dedicated to speaking out on behalf of Vietnam Veterans, I salute CAProductions and congratulate them on a most noble program."
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