Hollywood's elite are beginning to realize that Americans want real stories about real people. Heroes sell.

Currently, there's still somewhat of a negative image associated to American Veterans due in part to the Vietnam War. This image is not because of the men and women, who served in Vietnam, were not true American heroes. This negative image was created during the war by the American news media in their search for Ratings. Somehow, many Americans still have this negative image of Vietnam Veterans.

It's only a matter of time before the American People demands to hear the truth about the Vietnam War. Not every American burned innocent villages and hurt innocent Vietnamese. Not all the 2.6 million Americans, who served in Vietnam, were complete drug addicts, who enjoyed killing Communists.

Most American children are taught at a young age the values of kindness, understanding, helpfulness and generosity. They are People Values.

It's not a goal of the American Military to destroy these values in order to make a good serviceman or servicewoman. On the contrary, the American Military Branches try to instill in its members the fact that they are the main American Ambassadors around the World. During training for the Combined Action Program, we were told everyday that we were 'American Ambassadors in Green."

Over the last 200 plus years, it's because of these values that so many countries try to model their own democracies. However, over the years and to this day, there have been many countries and people who condemn our values in favor of their own self-interests. The 'Taliban and al Qaeda' are current examples.

It's because of these radicals… is why we have a military in the first place. It doesn't matter if our President is a Democrat, a Republican or an Independent, our base values are still the same. Freedom for the People.

Almost everyone wants peace, especially the members of our military.

For whatever reason, Hollywood has been holding back a major part of the truth about our involvement in Vietnam. Everything was not negative as many of the movies and television shows portrayed. Saying something truthful and honorable about American Combat Veterans does not translate into "Liking War." Many times, some very intelligent people get confused about this. Like I've already mentioned, few people like war. Thanks to brave 'Real Heroes,' it's an experience that few Americans will ever get to realize.

It's time for the American People to hear something good about Her Real Heroes. The men of the Combined Action Program (CAP) were just one team in Vietnam known for their kindness to the Vietnamese People. Each of the American Military Branches had their own formal, special units that reached out to help the Vietnamese. Many American Servicemen and Servicewomen even reached out on their own.
Even during the Vietnam War, in spite of tremendous negative pressures... as a whole, our nation's 2.6 million military personel served the United States proud.
Their proud stories need to be heard.
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