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John (Jack) Cunningham, Author and Founder of CAProductions

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Jack grew up in Rosedale Queens, New York. Back in the late sixties, he attended New York's Power Memorial Academy. Besides a great education that he received, the nationally-known high school was recognized for many of its programs, especially, basketball, baseball, track and band. In basketball over the years, Power Memorial had a number of teams that were considered to be the National Champions. In 1970, the year Jack was in Vietnam, the school had three (3) High School All-Americans on the starting five and was rated the number one team in the country. Having three All-American basketball players on the same team is unbelievable. While living in Phu Da, it gave Jack great bragging (teasing) rights among his fellow CAP Team members.
Even among the elite, there is the cream.
In May, 2000, Power Memorial's 1963-64 Basketball Team was voted by National Sports Writers to be the best high school basketball team in American history. (Jack was the chief statistician on the Power Memorial 1968-69 basketball team.) He attended a special reunion the school's alumni had to honor the 1963-64 team. The NBA Playoffs were in full swing. One of the stars from the 1963-64 basketball team (Kareem Abdul-Jabbar/Lew Alcindor) was said to be in Los Angeles to watch a Laker Playoff game. That same night of the reunion, the New York Knicks were playing the Indiana Pacers in Indiana. A Knick Coach at the game was a Power Memorial basketball coach for a number of years. (Jack's gym teacher, Mr. Brendan Malone.) Also, one of the referees working the same NBA Playoff Game graduated from Power.
Power Memorial had a great winning spirit.

But what Jack's proudest about the school is the great American Values it instilled in him. Meaningful values which he brought into the United States Military. Values which were enhanced by his American Military training and SPIRIT OF THE CORPS.

In 1990, for a hobby and the goal to someday improve the image of Vietnam Vets, Jack wrote a movie script on his experiences in Phu Da, Vietnam. He took on his project with another Vietnam Veteran, who taught movie script writing for his living. The script was completed and copyrighted in 1991. However, due to the lack of interest in Hollywood to show something good about American Servicemen and Servicewomen, the script sat in a box. Keeping writing as a therapeutic hobby, he continued to write movie scripts with the script writing teacher, who was also a Vietnam Vet. However, the scripts were not about Vietnam. They were scripts that was geared towards the interest of teenagers. At the time, Jack had three running around the house.
Jack right before he left for Vietnam - Jan. 1970
Joan Walsh and Jack Cunningham, the author - Dec. 2000
Jack in Phu Da, Vietnam with his grenade launcher
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