CAP Veterans Honor Roll
Currently, we are not endorsed by any of the charities listed below and it will not be necessary.

The profits from CAProductions as well as individual, corporate and organization donations will fund the Cap Veterans Honor Roll Foundation.

  1. To help support existing programs that help homeless Veterans.

  1. To help fund successful Youth Groups around the United States.

  1. To establish a fund that will assist the families while any Veteran attends an inpatient PTSD Treatment Program. The fund will be available until the Veteran is able to return to work or receive Service Connection Disability. The Foundation will also assist the Veteran in filing claims and helping speed the process whenever possible.

  1. United Service Organizations (USO) - nonprofit organization providing a "home away from home" and celebrity entertainment to U.S. soldiers and their families.

  1. To work with existing Veterans Groups and 'The Kitchen Table Gang' to set up an organization similar to the USO Program that will offer entertainment for hospitalized Veterans in VA Facilities.

  1. Set up a program to help the 4,000 to 8,000 Military Families that are on food stamps.

  1. BoysTown of Italy - An American charity set up by U.S. Servicemen and Servicewomen, right after the Germans were driven out of Italy.

  1. To help support a National Fund for the Widows and Orphans of Rescue Workers whom die in the line of duty. (added after Sept 11, 2001)

  1. The MedCAP 2003 Project, MedCAP 2004 Project, MedCAP 2005 Project, etc. The MedCAPs will involve medical treatment for the Vietnamese Peasants. As the Foundation's Funds increase; the Board of Directors will expand this program into other Vietnamese Humanitarian Areas.

  1. The SHARON ANN LANE Foundation

  1. Promote the suggestion to the U.S. Military and our Federal Government that the concepts of the Combined Action Program (CAP) should be used today to fight Global Terrorism.

  1. America Supporting Americans, or ASA. It's mission is to link American military units based on U.S. soil or deployed world-wide with American communities who want to show their support.

13. The Sparta, NJ VFW.Note: no space for the text!
The Board of Directors and the Membership's Officers will add to this list as money becomes available.
Press here for this year's Boystown of Italy Dinner/Dance information.
Please press hear to learn about
The SHARON ANN LANE Foundation.
Press here for details on the America Supporting Americans (ASA) Project .
Press here to see pictures from a 1989 visit to the Hoi An Hospital.
The hospital has not changed much since 1989.
Please visit Campaign America Online by pressing this link.
Please press here and visit their web site at:
http:www.Boystown.It for details about the charity and its work.

Questions & Comments
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Fallen Heroes
Please visit the 'Kitchen Table Gang'
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In memory of our heroes. The brave souls from the NYFD & NYPD lost on 9-11. "Rest in peace our brothers, for now and ever more."
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