This Web Site, CAProductions and the Cap Veterans Honor Roll Foundation are dedicated to all the Americans, who gave their lives to the Service of the United States, while serving in our military branches.
Donnie D. Asbury
Daniel F. Gallagher Michael J. Courtney
Robert J. Pierce
Born: Dec. 13, 1947
Born: November 26, 1949
Hometown: Youngstown, Oh.
Born: April 26, 1950
Hometown: Blanchardville, Wi.
Hometown: Ft. Gaines, Ga.
Killed in Action: Aug. 29, 1970
Hometown: Flint, Mi
Killed in Action: Sept. 10, 1970
Killed in Action: Aug. 11, 1970
Killed in Action: Aug. 11, 1970
Medal of Honor
Walter W. Rosolie
Born: April 3, 1948
Hometown: Rosedale, NY
Killed in Action: March 31, 1968
Bradley J. Carson
Born: Jan. 28, 1947
Hometown: Rosedale, NY
Killed in Action: Sept. 18, 1967
Angelo Giacobbe
Born: July 28, 1948
Hometown: Springfield Gardens, NY
Killed in Action: Aug. 19, 1968
Miguel Keith
Born: June 2, 1951
Hometown: Omaha, Nebr
Killed in Action: May 8, 1970
The hundreds of men, women and children of the Duc Duc
Resettlement Village (aka Phu Da)
that were slaughtered March 1971.
They were killed
for supporting
Vietnam Veterans Revisit Hoi An, Vietnam

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