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Does congress deserve a pay raise
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Under existing law, as part of a deal to give up outside income from speeches and other sources, Congress receives an automatic pay raise unless it votes otherwise. In January, Congress will receive a raise of $4700. This will increase the average Member's pay to about $174,000 or a 2.8% increase.

Does Congress deserve a raise this year? A bill was introduced to deny the pay increase, but it died in committee. Tell Congress what you think about this pay increase.
I can't get my Congressman Scott Garrett to answer my letters in writing about New Jersey Government corruption.   His staff does not even return my wife's, my family's and my friends' phone calls.   (My Congressman Scott Garrett Chief of Staff,  Ms. Tatiana Marquis 201-712-0330.)
  (story below)  
A state Supreme Court ethics official Robert Correale misuses his government and court office to Cover-Up and block ethics violations and legal malpractice charges against his own law firm, Maynard & Truland.  After eight years, the Cover-Up leads all the way up to the Governor's Office, Attorney General's Office and the state's Supreme Court and Superior Court and now, possibly the New Jersey State Legislature and a federal congressman.
Why a congressman, a governor, a state's attorney general, a state's Superior Court and Supreme Court, a state's legislature protect a lawyer, who committed gross negligence, false-billing, over-charging, perjury, etc?
The lawyer was the Vice-Chairman of the state's Supreme Court Office of Attorney Ethics and the lawyer is now an assistant district attorney in the state.
State of emergency
After reading the below account, please help Jack get his state legislators to do the right thing.  Contact information is below.
It has been an eight year battle for John "Jack" Cunningham to get his Due Process from the State of New Jersey, regarding his charges of corruption, cover-up and conflict of interest within New Jersey’s Supreme Court Office of Attorney Ethics. At the center of Cunningham’s charges is former Vice-Chairman of Attorney Ethics Robert Correale. Starting in December 2000, Correale misused his government and court office to Cover-Up and block ethics violations and legal malpractice charges against him and his own law firm, Maynard & Truland.

Jack Cunningham's ethic complaints start with the law firm's gross negligence, over-charging per hour, false billing, lack of communications, coming to court unprepared and open perjury to the New Jersey Supreme Court and Superior Court systems.   (Evidence are Maynard & Truland's own contact, invoices, court-filed letters, court-filed documents and court-filed sworn statements, NJ Supreme Court attorney certifications, etc.)

Over the eight years, Jack has sent countless letters to New Jersey’s governors (James McGreevey, Richard Cody and Jon Corzine), NJ attorney generals, both NJ federal senators, NJ Supreme and Superior Courts, NJ State Legislators, Congressman Scott Garrett and the federal Department of Justice, including the FBI. The few, who have answered, allege that they have "forwarded the letters and evidence" to the appropriate people in New Jersey Government. However, Cunningham's requests for an investigation always end up back at the major source of the Conflict of Interest and Cover-Up; the New Jersey Office of Attorney Ethics. (A New Jersey Superior Court transcript even went missing, before it could be typed for a higher level of NJ Superior Court. )

Since the federal Department of Justice insists that John "Jack" Cunningham charges of corruption, cover-up and conflict of interest are the responsibility of the State of New Jersey and are not a violation of his federal civil rights,  Jack Cunningham has the below request from the New Jersey State Legislature.    (Cunningham's New Jersey State Senator Steve Oroho and Assemblywoman Alison Littell-McHose.   One call will handle both, since they are at the same phone number 973-300-0200.) 

A request for the State of New Jersey to do an investigation outside the areas of the Conflict of Interest and the eight year Cover-Up.   And have a neutral commission follow-up with oversight responsibility, reviewing the findings of the investigation. 

All criminal charges and/or attorney disbarments should be handled by the State of New Jersey.

On Friday afternoon (Dec 12, 2008), Congressman Jim Saxton's Mount Holly, NJ staff placed a call to my Congressman Scott Garrett's office.  Ms. Tatiana Marquis (201-712-0330) stated that a letter was sent to NJ State Senator Steven Oroho and NJ Assemblywoman Alison Littell-McHose.   At this time, I do not know what was in the letter.  She did not send a copy to me and she does not return phone calls.
        I'm extremely thankful to Congressman Saxton's Mount Holly, NJ's staff for getting in touch with Congressman Garrett's staff for an update.  Congressman Saxton's staff member also highlighted the key to resolving my charges of a New Jersey State Government corruption cover-up must come from NJ Senator Oroho and NJ Assemblywoman Littell-McHose.
      As of this time, my two New Jersey State Legislators still have not returned any communications to thirty + year Marine Corps veteran, Colonel John Bates, retired.    (Read the colonel's most recent comments below.)
Still not getting through to them directly, so I just sent the message below through their webpage "Contact Us" link.  I hope to hear from them and if so, I obviously will get back to you immediately.


Dear Senator Oroho and Assemblywoman Littell-McHose,
I'm writing on behalf of John "Jack" Cunningham.  I've tried to contact both of you directly by phone, but have failed to reach you directly, and my calls have not been returned by you or your staff.
My concern, in short, is that Jack Cunningham gave honorable service to his Country and Corps and deserves to be heard regarding his allegations of corruption in his home state of New Jersey.  I believe his charges have merit.  I also believe that you, as his sworn, legal representatives are duty bound by both law and ethics to hear him out.
By now, (eight years), I know that you have his contact information and are familiar with his case.  I ask you to please not just "forward this on" to yet another layer of bureaucracy, but take the immediate action necessary to take corrective action and close this case openly and legally.
Thank you in advance for your time, interest and action.
   Semper Fidelis,
   John R. Bates

Theft of an honorably discharged veteran's constitutional rights and due process under the law, by deception.

Obstruction of Justice

A criminal offense that involves interference, through words or actions, with the proper operations of a court or officers of the court.

December 10, 2008  

Honorable Senator Steven V. Oroho                                                     

Honorable Assemblywoman Alison Littell-McHose   

Honorable Assemblyman Gary R. Chiusano        

          John (Jack) Cunningham, my father, is a Vietnam Veteran, who is 100% disabled with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), based on the Federal Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) guidelines.  He is a respectful, loving, and caring man who would do anything for anyone- yet he does not receive the same consideration.

          I am writing this letter to you now in hopes that someone will stop “forwarding” the letters that he sends and actually do something about the unfair treatment of my father.  It has been an eight year, life altering,  battle trying to get his Due Process from the State of New Jersey regarding the charges of corruption, Cover-Up and Conflict of Interest within the New Jersey Governor’s Office, NJ Attorney General’s Office and New Jersey Office of Attorney Ethics.  He has sent countless letters dating back to 2003 to Senators, Governors, Attorney Generals, etc. - but to no avail.  Those who have answered allege that they have “forwarded the letter” to the appropriate people.  The State of New Jersey is more interested in avoiding defacement to its public, professional and national image then to comply with a disabled veteran’s civil right to due process.  At the center of this are the New Jersey Supreme Court’s Office of Attorney Ethics and one of their Vice-Chairman, Robert Correale.  Robert Correale committed a number of ethics violations as well as openly committing perjury to the NJ Supreme Court, as well as false billing and overcharging.  Important court documents have even gone missing!   He can do this because he thinks he is above the law in the State of New Jersey and so far no one has proven otherwise.  No one should be above the law especially if they have spoiled the life of a man and those closest to him!! 

Many people are apprehensive about saying or doing something about this situation since it is in regards to charges brought against “important” people…if only they could see what it has done to my father, his family, and his friends.  What if this was a member of your family?  What if someone you love was hurt and treated so unfairly, and though someone can do something about it, no one wants to or maybe they’re just too busy?    

John (Jack) Cunningham has more than enough evidence and facts to support himself in this case – he just needs one person to get him in there and realize how unfair this really is.  It has been 8 years.    I am hoping that there is someone out there that will stand up for what is right and help give what has long been deservedjustice. 

There has to be at least one decent, understanding politician out there, right?  Please be that one! 

Please visit his website for more information: 


Shannon B. Cunningham


Please make a brief phone call to my State Senator Steve Oroho and my Assemblywoman Alison Littell-McHose.  One call will handle both, since they are at the same phone number (973-300-0200).   Please ask, why they do not return Colonel John Bates' (retired, 30 + years Marine Corps veteran) phone calls concerning Jack Cunningham's charges of New Jersey's government corruption and cover-up.   And please ask who will be investigating the missing Superior Court transcript on the charges against Robert Correale's legal malpractice.
Please ask others to call.

New Jersey Legislature                                  December 4, 2008

Legislature Offices

24th District


Honorable Senator Steven V. Oroho     


Honorable Assemblywoman Alison Littell-McHose   

Honorable Assemblyman Gary R. Chiusano    


C:  Honorable Congressman Scott Garrett

      Governor Jon Corzine

      New Jersey Office of Attorney General

     Americans Working Together


Dear Senator Oroho and Assemblywoman Littell-McHose:


         Thank you very much for your return letter (below) regarding my charges of corruption, Cover-Up and a Conflict of Interest within the New Jersey Governor’s Office, NJ Attorney General’s Office and New Jersey Office of Attorney Ethics.   My family, my supporters and I greatly appreciate your interest.


      Please beware that during this eight year battle of trying to get my Due Process from the State of New Jersey, my letters have been sent to no avail to the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office dating back to January 2003.  (Please see Ms. Regina Garb’s letter from Feb. 18, 2003)

     The only procedure the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office (Ms. Regina M. Garb) follows is to forward my letters to the heart of the Cover-Up, back into the New Jersey Office of Attorney Ethics.   There they play their usual Cover-Up games by insisting that I deal solely with Vice-Chairman Robert Correale’s own former District X committee.   (If it was not for being a major Conflict of Interest, this would be a disgraceful JOKE.   If my charges were against a local state police captain would the New Jersey Government procedure be for the sergeant and patrolmen working under the captain do the investigation.  Of course not…) 


The reason why this has been going on for eight years is because the State of New Jersey follows these same Cover-Up procedures.  


My question to the State of New Jersey Legislature is what is going to be different this time around?   Will my clear evidence be reviewed by an interested New Jersey Government agency, or will this be just another waste of stamps and continued exacerbation of my PTSD disability?


I have another question that I would like to ask you directly.  What part of the State of New Jersey Government will be investigating, how a Superior Court transcript could be lost within Superior Court, before it could be typed for use in the Law Division?  Evidence and details at:


Also with this letter, I’m requesting a meeting with the two of you.


My family, my supporters and I are looking forward to your continued interest on these issues.


   Jack Cunningham


Are Corrupt Lawyers Above the Laws...
One disabled Vietnam vet has been battling eight years to prove,  "no."
Your "Due Process" under the law was violated.  Perjury is also an issue which should not be over-looked.
Try communicating with the US Attorney and/or FBI.
Having been a pretty good "street cop" for 35 years this December, I read carefully what you sent me.
If I was involved with this case and having the documentation that you and the courts have, I believe that I would approach a mid-ranking Officer in the police service in your area and inquire about "perjury" investigations.
After spending 28 years in law enforcement, I've never seen such screw ups in my life.   Sounds like these lawyers had something going with friends in high New Jersey government places.
Theft of your constitutional rights and due process under the law, by deception.

November 14, 2008
Congressman Scott Garrett, New Jersey's 5th Congressional District           
Cc: Honorable Governor Jon Corzine
       Honorable Senator Steven V. Oroho
       Honorable Alison Littell McHose
       Americans Working Together

Dear Tatiana Marquis, District Director,

As per the conversation you had with my wife Joan, please find the following information pertaining to my eight year struggle to initiate an investigation of my charges of corruption,  cover-up and a Conflict of Interest within the New Jersey's Office of Attorney Ethics and the NJ Attorney General's office.  Eight years of battling for Due Process is much to demand from an honorably disabled PTSD veteran.

Simply stated, I am requesting Governor Jon Corzine to look into (and answer my letters) how the state’s Office of Attorney Ethics allowed Vice-Chairman Robert Correale to use his influence as a high level member to block Legal Malpractice and Attorney Ethics charges from Correale and his law Firm, Maynard & Truland.

After a deluge of my letters in 2003, the Office of Attorney Ethics had their nearby committee, District XI do a perjury-filled, malfeasance, lame investigation; where Robert Correale and his former law firm, Maynard & Truland were cleared of all charges. Correale and his law firm’s lawyers supplied no supporting evidence with their sworn certifications. However, I supplied Maynard & Truland’s own contract and invoices, along with Superior Court Documents, court-filed letters, etc.

Over the years, Governor Jon Corzine has received, at least, seven U.S. mail letters (of which three were certified) and over twenty emails on this subject. All contained attached evidence. However, the Governor's office has NOT returned any communication. Additionally, Corzine's aid Susan does not return my phone calls, and her staff refuses to give me her last name.   Governor Corzine’s lack of return communications only adds to this New Jersey State Government Cover-up.

At this point, I do not wish to burden you with additional details, of which there are plenty. I simply ask that you communicate to the Governor my request for an investigation.   (You can read evidence directly on the internet at the below listed web links.)
Due to being diagnosed and rated 100% disabled as a combat Marine, I suffer memory loss and request a copy of all communications with Corzine's office.
As per your request, I have copied my New Jersey State Legislative representatives in the hope they will do their own follow-up with Governor Jon Corzine.

Jack "John" Cunningham

Political corruption must end now.     Press Here.
Americans Working Together