Surrender Was Not An Option
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Information
Learn About The Combined Action Program (CAP)
Jack Cunningham Unit's Command Chronologies
Military Map of An Hoa Valley
Therapeutic Hobby of a Vietnam Veteran - CAProductions
PTSD Information
Current War Story of a PTSD Veteran
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Press Article for Larger Copy to Read.
Press Article For Larger Copy To Read

The Short Story of A PTSD Vietnam Veteran (during and right-after Vietnam)

Will This Happen Again - Attack on the Rosedale Veterans Memorial

(press to visit) NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF MENTAL HEALTH Phone: 800-969-NMHA

More Information on PTSD

LIFE Magazine August 25, 1967
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The History Channel Comments About CAP
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More Information on the Combined Action Program (CAP)

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