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Current War Story of a PTSD Veteran

Currently, Jack Cunningham is in a civil legal battle against a powerful New Jersey Law Firm, which he feels openly tried to take advantage of his veterans PTSD disability.  Since Jack is totally living off his veterans disability, he can not afford a lawyer.  Also, since one of the defendant's in the Law Firm recently was a Vice Chairman of the local State Attorney Ethics Committee, the Firm has much influence in New Jersey.  
     Jack is representing himself.  However, his documention-evidence stands for itself!
     He has built a small website, which contains part of his documentation, at the below link.
For over two years, Jack has tried to bring Ethics Charges against this Law Firm through the State of  New Jersey, but he has been having one problem after another with the State. 
     With a former Vice Chairman of their local Ethics Committee being brought up on open Ethics Charges, most people may wonder why...
This past January 2003, Jack tried to call his local Ethics Committee and was met with this response.
"It is not your Law Firm's fault that you have Mental Problems."
If you have a comment for Jack, please email him at:

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