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Learn About The Combined Action Program (CAP)
Learn About The Combined Action Program (CAP)
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Over the years there have been many great articles written about the Combined Action Program (CAP).  This page only lists some of their links.  This page also has the links of some great websites dedicated to the Combined Action Program.
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New Jersey Herald's article on CAP and the Duc Duc Resettlement Village.

Marine Corps Gazette article on CAP and the Duc Duc Resettlement Village in 1968.

Vietnam Combat Magazine's article on CAP - The Unknown War

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Other CAP Web Sites

CAP Lima Web Site: Gary "Snake" Wavrecan's CAP Lima 6/Lima 11 Web Site.

CAP 2-7-2: Roch Thornton's CAP 2-7-2 Web Site.                

CAP 4-1-2 Web Site: A Combined Effort Of CAP 4-1-2 Veterans

CAP 1-3-9: Rick LeBlanc's CAP 1-3-9 Web Page

CAP Delta 4 Homepage: Steve Markley's CAP Delta 4 Home Page.

CAP 2-7-4 Website: Channing Prothro's CAP 2-7-4 Web Site.

CAP Delta 1: Tom Harvey's CAP Delta 1 Web Site.

CAP Marine-Vietnam: Sandy Wardlaw's CAP Web Page.

LIFE Magazine August 25, 1967
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The History Channel Comments About CAP
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Please Press - Is Hollywood Ready to Show Some Positive Truth About Vietnam Veterans?

More Information on the Combined Action Program (CAP)

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