Year 2010 Issues
Re-elect no one. Fight organized crime!
a battle that goes on inside people
Are There Different Sets of Rules: Government Officials Vs. Average Americans
Obama backs mosque near ground zero
For All Couch-Criminologists
Republican Congressman Scott Garrett is still not calling for a federal investigation
I'm sorry, I was wrong...
Looming threat from illegals: terror
FBI access to e-mail and Web records raises fears
Re-elect no one. Fight organized crime!
Mark your calendar ladies and gentlemen ! 
Politics Aside, State Corruption Runs Deep
Is there an end to it...  Can the average citizen do something to stop it?
Theft of your constitutional rights and due process under the law, by deception.
Did a TEA Party Patriot's Charges of Malfeasance Cause a Corrupt, High Level New Jersey Supreme Court Official to Resign?
The State of New Jersey says no, but the evidence leads to yes...
You decide for yourself.
Robert Correale resigned his Supreme Court position 15 months prior to his scheduled expiration date

I'm trying to get my congressman to recognize this is not just a New Jersey issue, but a federal civil rights issue.   Please call Congressman Scott Garrett's office (973) 300-2000 and ask for Dana.  In a nice way, please tell her what you think about this issue.  It's time to bring some state politicians and state officials to justice for this.  Ten years is a long time for a veteran to battle for his civil rights.  It's time that the federal government is not part of this cover-up...

Please have your members of Congress call Congressman Scott Garrett and ask them to support Jack Cunningham's civil rights against the State of New Jersey.